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Volunteer with Ballotpedia

Ballotpedia is excited to offer our volunteers the opportunity to participate in a new program aimed at expanding our coverage of local elections.

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Ballotpedia’s Volunteer Program needs your help.

Are you passionate about ensuring that every American voter has access to neutral, fact-based information about every candidate on the ballot?

Join our diverse and lively communities of Ballotpedia volunteers committed to expanding Ballotpedia to cover every election in America through two exciting opportunities.

Community Researchers: Ballotpedia’s Community Researchers help ensure that every American voter has the factual, bias-free information they deserve for every election, from the president to their local school board. The Community Researcher program is open to volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Get started as a Ballotpedia Community Researcher
Fellows: Ballotpedia’s Fellows program is a service-oriented program designed specifically for high school and college students. Fellows have the opportunity to develop robust research and data aggregation skills while working directly with Ballotpedia staff. Our eight-week program – with opportunities to continue your involvement – is designed to ensure that students from all backgrounds can participate. Apply to our next Fellows class.

Whether you’re a Community Researcher or Fellow, our fully-virtual volunteer programs allow you to get involved from anywhere with 1) a computer or tablet, 2) a way to connect to the internet, and 3) a passion for our mission. Don’t miss your chance to help every voter to make an informed decision by expanding Ballotpedia’s reach to every election in America.