Payback Time: Oil companies need to repay the American public.

The top 10 oil companies need to repay the over-charges of billions of dollars they have taken from the American public. In the last 10 years the cost of a gallon of gas has gone from $1.25 per gallon to over $4.25 per gallon and now floats between $3.50 and $4.50 per gallon.

At $1.25 they were still making a profit!

Why should big oil companies enjoy record profits at the expense of our hard working citizens?

They have cheated us all, Republicans, Democrats and Independents included. They have violated state and federal laws, anti-trust laws, conspiracy to commit fraud and violation of fair trade laws.

Criminal activities: They use a phone/email system to contact each other to raise prices in an unfair manner, many times without reason or explanation exerting a lawless state of power and controlling a vital market related to our United States economy.

In the reckless and greedy era of the last 10 years some CEO's annual compensation was over $180 million dollars. Pay raises to themselves are obscene and unjustifiable.

The most profitable U.S. company in 2009 was Exxon Mobile pocketing a record $39.5 billion dollars profit, it was a very good year for Exxon! Chevron and Conoco Phillips Oil Companies also made the list of top 10 profit makers.

How did finances in 2009 go for you?  This just proves my point of view.

Big Oil Companies have over-charged us Billions and Billions of dollars and it's now pay-back time for them! They owe us at least $5 billion dollars to each state. The Attorney Generals of all 50 states need to examine these issues and participate in demanding repayment of overcharges plus punitive damages for the economic downturn they caused. This is similar to the Minnesota State lawsuit against the Tobacco industry that won Minnesota a $6 billion dollar settlement in 1998 under the representation of Mike Ceresi.

It's probably repayment of about 1/4 of the unreasonable profits they stole from us, and the cost of gasoline needs to be lowered back to $1.50 a gallon with price controls in the future.