All About Me

Ole Savior was born on October 29, 1949 and attended the University of Minnesota from 1970-1972. He’s an artist, a writer, and a poet and recently wrote a book of poetry called World of Everlasting Dreams.

Ole is now running for President of the United States. He wants to get his opinions across to change the world. Savior says that Reagan and his Presidency is what inspired him and still inspires him to run for office. He says that the reason Reagan inspired him so much was because he didn’t agree with cutting benefits.

Savior has political experience by being a Democratic Farmer Labor Party member for 35 years and is Chairman of the Minneapolis District Caucus and Delegate. Savior has run before for a few positions. In 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 he ran for the Governor of Minnesota; in 1988 he ran for Congress; 1984, 1996, and 2000 he ran for Senate, and ran for President in 2004 and 2008 is still running in the 2012 election. Savior also stated that he, got his name on the primary ballot eight times already and got, “26,000 votes one time.”
Ole Savior has much to say about his beliefs and what he would do if he became governor. He wants a nuclear-free world and to get rid of every nuclear weapon, chemical weapon, and land mines and have a zero tolerance policy. He believes in social security and Medicare and feels there should be a better balance. He wants clean air and safe water, human rights amnesty international, to end poverty worldwide, by expanding poverty and welfare plans worldwide, and also, give full coverage to children. Savior wants affordable, universal health care. He says that Prescription drug companies are ripping us off and are all benefit. He also states that there should be more government control over these companies and their prices, and if someone can’t afford a certain prescription, it should be given to them for free. Savior also desires more jobs for Americans, which he plans on achieving by ending outsourcing. He wants longer sentences for drug lords and drug dealers and better, newer schools. Savior opposes veteran healthcare cuts and feels that oil companies are greedy and should give $5 billion back to each state. He wants to bring gas prices back to $.99 and said that “all states should get together and make a lawsuit against the oil companies.” He feels that America shouldn’t be dependent on other places for oil and that the U.S. should lower how much oil we use.

Savior is running as a Republican and there are several beliefs he has that make him different from his Democratic opponents. First of all, Savior’s abortion viewpoint is different for he leans more towards pro-life and is against abortions except in very strict circumstances and situations. He thinks that each drastic side of the abortion debate should come together and makes a compromise, but should support the woman. He also added that if the government says that she must keep the baby, their needs to be a financial part by the government. Savior also doesn’t support same-sex marriages. He supports gay rights but feels that marriage is not important and those fighting for gay marriage are irritating people and are making more enemies and ultimately driving Democrats to vote Republican. He stated that the Republicans deceived Americans and take more money from the poor, and that “No Child Left Behind” is a game. Savior believes that the Iraq war is primarily because of George W. Bush senior, and they should have settled it in the 1990s. He feels that there should have been more UN involvement and that the UN needs to replace troops but that the troops need to stay there to stabilize the country. Savior also feels that the government needs to, “play fair with immigration, that there should be a work program for them, and a border wall would be a good idea to keep out drug dealers”. He’s not against immigration, but we need to be more flexible with it.

Overall, Ole Savior has some thoughtful ideas for our country. Savior is a very serious candidate for the 2012 US Presidential election and firmly believes that, “everyone has a chance of winning,” because, “anything can happen in politics.”