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Our approach to policy

Public officials make policy decisions that have far-reaching effects on our everyday lives. Ballotpedia's Policy Portal is your gateway to understanding why, how, and who makes these choices.

And we do it in the way people have come to expect from Ballotpedia: clearly, factually, comprehensively, and neutrally.

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What we cover

Ballotpedia covers seven major public policy areas. The links below take you directly to the articles, studies, and analyses we have produced on each issue:


Covers U.S. government administrative and regulatory activities


Police collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in all 50 states and top 100 cities


K-12 education curricular development in public schools across all 50 states


Developments in environmental, social, and corporate governance


Covering the separation of powers between national and local governments


Information about the joint federal-state unemployment insurance program


Covers work requirements for public assistance programs

Policy education initiatives

Ballotpedia is pleased to offer individual and small group opportunities to learn even more about public policy. All of our policy initiatives are offered free of charge, and require no previous policy experience. Our programs include:


A self-paced program that takes readers through some of the most important policy issues of the day. A series of daily emails provides readers with background articles, interactive content, and opportunities to connect with the Ballotpedia team.


Expeditions offer readers staff-curated study guides and readings that explore policy topics in greater depth.