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2024 Presidential Election
Date: November 5, 2024
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Ballotpedia's presidential election coverage

The United States will hold a presidential election on November 5, 2024. This will be the 60th presidential election in United States history, and the first to be held after the reallocation of electoral college votes following the 2020 redistricting cycle.[1]

As of January 2024, Ballotpedia has identified three noteworthy Democratic presidential candidates and seven noteworthy Republican candidates. We identify noteworthy primary candidates based on previous or current officeholder status, previous presidential ballot access, media coverage, and primary debate polling and fundraising thresholds. To read more about our noteworthy candidate criteria, click here.

In addition to noteworthy candidates, this page also provides the names of all candidates who have filed with the Federal Election Commission and the names of politicians and public figures discussed as potential presidential contenders in 2024 by national media outlets.

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  • December 4, 2023: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) suspended his presidential campaign.[2]
  • November 12, 2023: Tim Scott (R) suspended his presidential campaign.[3]
  • November 9, 2023: Jill Stein (G), the 2016 Green Party presidential nominee, announced her candidacy for the Green Party nomination.[4]
  • October 28, 2023: Former Vice President Mike Pence (R) suspended his presidential campaign.[5]
  • October 26, 2023: U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) announced his candidacy.[6]

Notable declared candidates and exploratory committees

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The following noteworthy candidates have filed to run for president with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or announced exploratory committees. Click here to view a full list of all candidates who have filed with the FEC.

Democratic candidates

Joe Biden

Dean Phillips

Marianne Williamson

List of Democratic candidates

  • Joe Biden (D), incumbent president of the United States, announced he would run for re-election on April 25, 2023.[23]
  • Dean Phillips (D), a U.S. representative from Minnesota, announced his candidacy on October 26, 2023.[39]
  • Marianne Williamson (D), 2020 presidential candidate and author, announced her candidacy on February 23, 2023.[33]

Other Democratic candidates

Republican candidates

Ryan Binkley

Chris Christie

Ron DeSantis

Nikki Haley

Asa Hutchinson

Vivek Ramaswamy

Donald Trump

List of Republican candidates

  • Ryan Binkley (R), a businessman and pastor, announced his candidacy on April 23, 2023.[40]
  • Chris Christie (R), former governor of New Jersey, announced his candidacy on June 6, 2023.[18]
  • Ron DeSantis (R), the governor of Florida, announced his candidacy on May 24, 2023.[20]
  • Nikki Haley (R), former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor, announced her candidacy on February 14, 2023.[35]
  • Asa Hutchinson (R), former Arkansas Governor, announced his candidacy on April 2, 2023.[30]
  • Vivek Ramaswamy (R), entrepreneur and political commentator, announced his candidacy on February 21, 2023.[34]
  • Donald Trump (R), former U.S. President, announced his candidacy on November 15, 2022.[37]

Withdrawn Republican candidates

  • Doug Burgum (R), the governor of North Dakota, announced his candidacy on June 7, 2023.[41] Burgum withdrew from the race on December 4, 2023.[2]
  • Larry Elder (R), a talk radio host and 2021 California gubernatorial candidate, announced his candidacy on April 20, 2023.[25] Elder suspended his campaign on October 26, 2023.
  • Will Hurd (R), former U.S. Representative from Texas, announced his candidacy on June 22, 2023.[42] Hurd suspended his campaign on October 9, 2023.[11]
  • Perry Johnson (R), a business owner and author, announced his candidacy on March 2, 2023.[32] Johnson suspended his campaign on October 20, 2023.[8]
  • Mike Pence (R), former vice president of the United States, announced his candidacy on June 7, 2023.[43] Pence withdrew from the race on October 28, 2023.[44]
  • Tim Scott (R), a United States senator from South Carolina, announced his candidacy on May 22, 2023.[21] Scott withdrew from the race on November 12, 2023.[3]
  • Corey Stapleton (R), former Montana Secretary of State, announced his candidacy on November 11, 2022.[38] Stapleton withdrew from the race on October 13, 2023.[9]
  • Francis Suarez (R), the Mayor of Miami, announced his candidacy on June 15, 2023.[15] Suarez suspended his campaign on August 29, 2023.[13]

Third party or independent candidates

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Candidates on 5 or more primary ballots

Democratic candidates

The following candidates have qualified to appear on five or more Democratic primary ballots:

Republican candidates

The following candidates have qualified to appear on five or more Republican primary ballots:

Policy positions

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Click on any of the following links to read statements from the 2024 presidential candidates on a range of domestic, economic, and foreign policy issues. These statements were primarily compiled from each candidate's official campaign website.


Administrative state

Coronavirus response

Criminal justice



Election policy

Energy and environmental issues

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)


Foreign policy

Government ethics

Gun regulation


Sex and gender issues




Opioids and drug issues



Comparison of announcement timelines in previous cycles

The chart below shows noteworthy presidential campaign announcements in the odd years before the 2016, 2020, and 2024 presidential elections.

Possible presidential candidates

As of July 2023, the following politicians and public figures were discussed in the media as potential candidates for the 2024 Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Democratic politicians

Independent politicians

Democratic business executives and public figures

Republican politicians

Republican business executives and public figures

Did not run for the Republican nomination

List of registered 2024 presidential candidates

See also: List of registered 2024 presidential candidates

The following table lists candidates who filed with the FEC to run for president. Some applicants used pseudonyms; candidate names and party affiliations are written as they appeared on the FEC website on the date that they initially filed with the FEC.[76][77]

This list was last updated on December 11, 2023. The list is sorted alphabetically by first name. Scroll down in the table below to view the full list.

Candidates who have filed for the 2024 presidential election
Candidate Party
Aaron Avouris Libertarian Party
Aaron Day Republican Party
Aaron Grotta Nonpartisan
Aaron M. He Democratic Party
Aaron Taylor Nonpartisan
A.C. Toulme One Earth Party
Adam Charles Lewis Nonpartisan
Adam Halfhill Independent
Adam Hennessey Independent
Adam Hollick Green Party
Adam McBride Independent
Adam Michael Dunn Republican Party
Adam Michael Hougland Republican Party
Adam Nicholas Paul Independent
Adam Ouariti Democratic Party
Adam Zane Patsy Nonpartisan
Ade Oba Olukore American People's Freedom Party
Adrian Maurice Hall Democratic Party
Ahmad Saide Nonpartisan
Ajay Thaliath Democratic Party
Alander Pulliam Independent
Alan Huddleston Democratic Party
Alan Spears Republican Party
Albert Harshaw Republican Party
Alec Jude Wilson Independent
Alexander Chatfield Smith Republican Party
Alexander David Hooper Nonpartisan
Alexander Jay Bingham Freedom Party
Alexander Joseph Sean Heidenreich Independent
Alexander Jule Nonpartisan
Alex Barrella Independent
Alexis Jean Cloute Nonpartisan
Alfonz Carl McLamb Jr. American Independent Party
Alice Yancy Teague Independent
Alida Felton Democratic Party
Allan Channey Summers Democratic Party
Allen Bouska Unaffiliated
Amanda Catherine Eskelson Democratic Party
Amanda Dunavant Nonpartisan
Amanda Thompson American Independent Party
Amber Byers Independent
Amos Timothee Republican Party
Amr Metwally Nonpartisan
Andreas Lerma Nonpartisan
Andre Nero Independent
Andre Ramon McNeil Nonpartisan
Andrew Ashley Independent
Andrew Heartdoc Chung Independent
Andrew Joseph O'Donnell Unaffiliated
Andrew J. Punch Nonpartisan
Andrew Kantor Independent
Andrew L. Everett Republican Party
Andrew Robert Kwiatkowski Republican Party
Andrew Smreker Independent
Andrew Townsend Independent
Andy Williams Jr. Nonpartisan
Angad Singh Chera Nonpartisan
Angela Dwyer Independent
Angela Glass Independent
Angela Marie Herring Republican Party
Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser Republican Party
Angela Redovian Republican Party
Angeline Payne Republican Party
Angel Michael Crockford Republican Party
Angel Osornio Independent
Anita Belle Green Party
Anita Malloy American Independent Party
Anna Marie Carter Nonpartisan
Ann Parkinson Democratic Party
Ann Yeager Nonpartisan
Anthony James Richardson Republican Party
Anthony Jason Hudson Nonpartisan
Anthony Jason Sandoval Nonpartisan
Anthony Llanes Republican Party
Anthony Manalakos Democratic Party
Anthony Primo Darpino Republican Party
Antonio Gagnon Libertarian Party
Antonio Marco Pantalo Democratic Party
Antony Handal Unaffiliated
Armando Perez-Serrato Democratic Party
Arse Vincent Cysewski Democratic Party
Arthur Van Houten Nonpartisan
Asa Hutchinson Republican Party
Ashaki Noni Nichols Nonpartisan
Ashley Powell Democratic Party
Audrey Conrad Republican Party
Azeem Hussein Democratic Party
Barak Zilberberg Nonpartisan
Barbara Stone People's Party
Baruch Margolis Nonpartisan
Beatrice Ramos Democratic Party
Beau Lindsey Libertarian Party
Bella Berg Fonvergne Democratic Party
Benjamin Garcia Democratic Party
Benjamin Scott Martinec Nonpartisan
Benjamin Stewart Nonpartisan
Bob Akers Independent
Bobby Dean Gibson Nonpartisan
Boyd Thomas Burner Nonpartisan
Bradley Allen Weigant Independent
Bradley Arthur Sawyer Nonpartisan
Bradley Scott Hartliep Republican Party
Brandon Chandrasen Lowder The Human Rights Party
Brandon Gonce Republican Party
Brandon Hugh Parker Unaffiliated
Brandon Jamal Shipman Nonpartisan
Brandon Lee Campbell Republican Party
Brandon L. McIntyre Constitutional Party
Brandon Victor Nonpartisan
Brandy Moore Nonpartisan
Brent Allen Sprague Nonpartisan
Bret Popp Unaffiliated
Brett Allen Dillon Independent
Brian Cox Independent
Brian Friend Independent
Brian Jerral Wesson Republican Party
Brian Korn Nonpartisan
Brian Lee Cain II Nonpartisan
Brian Lee Wilson Independent
Brian Mannix Nonpartisan
Brian Matthew Owen Democratic Party
Brian Patrick Stack Republican Party
Brittany A. Mckown Democratic Party
Brittany Nichole Jones Unaffiliated
Bruce Burbridge Independent
Bruce John Kenneway Nonpartisan
Bruce Ranson Wilson Independent
Bryan Daniel Procuk Nonpartisan
Bryan James Democratic Party
Bryan Lamont Arrington Independent
Byron Ivey Veterans Party of America Party
Byron K. Ross Republican Party
Caleb James Guay Republican Party
Caleb McKean Nonpartisan
Carl Arrechea Independent
Carlos Antonio De Bourbon-Montenegro Independent
Carmelo Pinnavaria Nonpartisan
Carmine Marranzino Republican Party
Carrie Mae Marcy Republican Party
Carson Loveless Democratic Party
Casey Hardison Other
Cassidy Irons Independence Party
Celina May Charles Independence Party
Cenk Uygur Democratic Party
Chad Joseph Clawitter Republican Party
Chad Knight Independent
Chad Lottenville Nonpartisan
Chad S. Larkey Independent
Chance Trahan Nonpartisan
Charles Allen Strong Jr. Independent
Charles Ballay Libertarian Party
Charles Camilleri Democratic Party
Charles Chun Pang Nonpartisan
Charles Donald Comer Independent
Charles Griffith Ferry Libertarian Party
Charles Junior Hodge Independent
Charles Lee Olson Jr. Nonpartisan
Charles Moss Republican Party
Charles Symonds Independent
Charles Todd Sullivan Nonpartisan
Charley Jesse Carvantiie Taylor Constitutional Party
Chase LaPorte Republican Party
Chase Oliver Libertarian Party
Cherunda Lynn Fox Independent
Chester Lee Odom Republican Party
Chez Mann Nonpartisan
Chris Adam Valentine Nonpartisan
Chris Christie Republican Party
Chris Merrill De La Torre Nonpartisan
Christen Erika Johnson Unaffiliated
Christian John DeMarco Nonpartisan
Christina Greathouse Nonpartisan
Christina Loren Clement Nonpartisan
Christine Charyton Nonpartisan
Christin Noel Powers Democratic Party
Christopher Alan Selke American Independent Party
Christopher Campbell Democratic Party
Christopher David Portlock Democratic Party
Christopher Dennis Hull Unaffiliated
Christopher Ebbe Independent
Christopher Edward Stubbs Nonpartisan
Christopher Florquist Unaffiliated
Christopher Garrity Nonpartisan
Christopher Gillen American Independent Party
Christopher Hansen Independent
Christopher Jerome Independent American Party
Christopher Johnson Independent
Christopher J. Olkowski Republican Party
Christopher Lee Dias Independent
Christopher Pettenaro Republican Party
Christopher Price Lytle Nonpartisan
Christopher Robert Jones People Over Politics Party
Christopher Robert Russell Republican Party
Christopher Stried Independent
Christopher Tillis Republican Party
Chris Weiler Democratic Party
Chris Welton Republican Party
Clarence Williams American Party
Claudia De La Cruz Independent
Clayton Ressler Independent
Clifford Buzard Independent
Clifford Griffin Independent
Cody Hoover Republican Party
Colton Hawk Independent
Constance L. Johnson Democratic Party
Coran De-Andre Smith Democratic Party
Corey Stapleton Republican Party
Cornel West Independent
Craig Paxson Nonpartisan
Crusificio Gambino Republican Party
Dale Webb Republican Party
Dalton Ralston Espeut Republican Party
Damon Foster Marrs Nonpartisan
Dana R. Bradley Unaffiliated
Daniel Albert Ohlson Independent
Daniel Behrman Unaffiliated
Daniel Clark Independent
Daniel Clifford Brown Nonpartisan
Daniel Imperato Republican Party
Daniel Isler Independent
Danielle Delouise Dixon Independent
Daniel Louis Levine Nonpartisan
Daniel Michaels Nonpartisan
Daniel Paul Francis Nonpartisan
Daniel Robert Larson Nonpartisan
Daniel R. Schaller Nonpartisan
Daniel Slack Independent
Daniel Toby Kuhns Republican Party
Daniel Travis Ingram Nonpartisan
Dan Knight Other
Danny Ray Vasquez Nonpartisan
Dantwan Samuel Watkins Democratic Party
Darin Johnson Republican Party
Darrell Mack McKown Republican Party
Darryl Cedric White Nonpartisan
Dave Gardner Independent
David Andrew Saber Libertarian Party
David A. Puchta Libertarian Party
David Bardol Nonpartisan
David Barnard Democratic Party
David Bounds Independent
David Cash Democratic Party
David Dunlap Libertarian Party
David Emerson Republican Party
David Gibson American Independent Conservative Party
David Graben Nonpartisan
David James Stuckenberg Republican Party
David Jon Sponheim Nonpartisan
David Kay Nonpartisan
David Klotzbuecher Independent
David Lee Shoup Republican Party
David Michael Darnell Independent
David Murdock Peace and Freedom Party
David Raphael Nonpartisan
David Raphael Herz Republican Party
David Reed DeSilva Libertarian Party
David Simmes Nonpartisan
David Terpening Republican Party
David Tuxhorn Nonpartisan
David Wayne Touchet Republican Party
Dawn Wentworth Republican Party
DC Jefferson Democratic Party
Deangelo Turner Nonpartisan
Dean Phillips Democratic Party
Debbie Wilson Independence Party
Deborah Sharpe Democratic Party
Debra Vanessa White Nonpartisan
Demetra Wysinger Nonpartisan
Dennis A. Diaz Independent
Dennis Gildon II Independent
Dennis James Nabozny American Independent Party
Dennis Kevin Cox Jr. Nonpartisan
Dennis Lory Lane Independent
Dennis Mulins Conservative Party
Dennis Torii Jr. Independent
Dennis Vandusen-Torres Nonpartisan
Deon Jenkins Republican Party
Deonna Dieter Republican Party
Derek Chowen Republican Party
Desmond Moore Republican Party
Destini A. Endress Nonpartisan
Diana Chika Independent
Donald Faulknor Jr. Republican Party
Donald Frayer Republican Party
Donald Mays Kjornes Republican Party
Donald Picard Democratic Party
Donald Trump Republican Party
Donnis Griffin Independent
Doris Brown Democratic Party
Dorsey Porter Democratic Party
Doug Burgum Republican Party
Doug Jenkins Nonpartisan
Douglas G. Hayward American Independent Party
Dustin Arron Monroe Republican Party
Dustin James Horst Independent
Dustin James Mahurin Independent
Dustin Rorex Democratic Party
Dykeba Lecole Rogers Democratic Party
Dylan Valenti Nonpartisan
Dyron Marcus Wash American Independent Party
Earl Davis Democratic Party
Eban Cambridge Democratic Party
Eduardo Uvalle Nonpartisan
Edward Allan Gonzales Independent
Edward Carlton Jewell Sr. Independent
Edward Lee Brinkley Republican Party
Edward Lee Nash Independent
Edward Nathaniel Grimes Democratic Party
Efrain DeJesus Republican Party
Elbert Bartell Independent
Eliud Resendez Other
Ellen Marie Griesi Nonpartisan
Ellis W. Drewery Independent
Emanuel Yi Pastreich Green Party
Emmanuel Antoine Hemphill Independent
Emory Vaughn Independent
Eric Atkinson Independent
Eric Bolin Nonpartisan
Eric Dowling Nonpartisan
Eric Jatod Edmond American Independent Conservative Party
Eric Jon Boerner Republican Party
Erick Cid Republican Party
Eric Kryzenske Nonpartisan
Erick Toks Ekundayo Independent
Eric L. Mortimore Republican Party
Eric Meiring Independent
Eric Scott Cavanagh Republican Party
Eric Walleck Republican Party
Erik Leckner Democratic Party
Ernest Deering Nonpartisan
Ethan R. Richards Nonpartisan
Ethan Witzling Hamby Democratic Party
Eugene Hunt Jr. Republican Party
Evette Rechelle Tippett Democratic Party
E.W. Jackson Republican Party
Fareed Anderson Republican Party
Felipe Rios Republican Party
Flory Louis Seidel Republican Party
Floyd Neal Petri Republican Party
Francis John Marzano Republican Party
Francis Lorenz Nonpartisan
Francis Suarez Republican Party
Frank Castellucci III Nonpartisan
Frank J. Lozada Democratic Party
Franklin Deleno Rutherford III Nonpartisan
Frederick David Rudnick Republican Party
Frederick James Clegg Libertarian Party
Frederick Santiago Independence Party
Frederick Taylor Patterson Independent
Frederic Schultz Unaffiliated
Fuad Abdullahi American Independent Party
Gabriel Cornejo Democratic Party
Gaetano Rocco Patrizio De Luca Nonpartisan
Gary Davis Democratic Party
Gary J. Brown Democratic Party
Gary Lambert Jr. Nonpartisan
Gary Robert Cantrell Nonpartisan
Gavin Bonney Independent
George Brucato Democratic Party
George Gollaher Republican Party
George Wilson American Independent Party
Georgia Juliette Bartylla-Bernard Independent
Gerald Defelice Republican Party
Gerald H. Oloff Republican Party
Gerald John Jennings Republican Party
Gerry Coleman Democratic Party
Gibran Nicholas Democratic Party
Glenda Jo Woodward Nonpartisan
Glenn Scott Allistair Simpson Independent
Glynndeavin von Fox Independent
Golda D. Harris Democratic Party
Gott Lally Independent
Grant McCracken Republican Party
Greg Litman Sembower Republican Party
Gregory Litzenberg Independent
Gregory Marcus Carter Independent
Gregory Marquis Thomas Democratic Party
Gregory Scott Van Huisen Republican Party
Greg Walton Republican Party
Halloran Leonard Yeah Nonpartisan
Harlan Mark Sanford Republican Party
Harold Demby Independence Party
Harrison Reinbeck Republican Party
Harvey Brown Nonpartisan
Harvey Weinstein Freedom Labor Party
Harvey Wizard Democratic Party
Heather Alexandra Nunn Nonpartisan
Heather Lynn Stone Independent
Heather Munoz Democratic Party
Heath R. Gorney Nonpartisan
Heath Vincent Fulkerson Independent
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke Smyth Democratic Party
Hirsh Singh Republican Party
Hope Dir American People's Freedom Party
Howard Dotson Democratic Party
Howard Russell Cohen Independent
Howie Hawkins Other
Hubert Sean Francisco Independent
Hudson Theodore Zoller Democratic Party
Hugo Valdez Garcia Libertarian Party
Huhnkie Lee Independent
Hung Huynh Chan Democratic Party
Ian Netupsky Independent
Insley Evans Nonpartisan
Irina D'Amato Independent
Isaac Riley Independent
Isaiah Reid Democratic Party
Islam Karam Mossaad Republican Party
Ivory Patton Nonpartisan
Jackie Knight Nonpartisan
Jackie Tate Green Party
Jackson Stewart Peace and Freedom Party
Jack Sparks Republican Party
Jacob Hornberger Libertarian Party
Jacob Matthew Parker Independent
Jacob Meiers Republican Party
Jacob Stephen Levine Moderate Party
Jacob Suarez Independent
Jacob Taiwo Familoni Republican Party
Jacob William McKenzie Republican Party
Jacques Bartelkin Republican Party
Jade Velarde Nonpartisan
Jaha Hughes Nonpartisan
Jamall Ali Chestnut Republican Party
Jamarion Walker Democratic Party
James Altucher Nonpartisan
James Arthur Shoup III Independent
James B. Bouton Republican Party
James Bills Independent
James Brandon Garretson Independent American Party
James Earle Fudge Nonpartisan
James Everett Aguilar Republican Party
James Goodale Independent
James J. Dunn Republican Party
James Mark Merts Nonpartisan
James Martinez Nonpartisan
James McCay Independent
James Meroney Republican Party
James Nixon Democratic Party
James Orlando Ogle III Democratic Party
James Paris Firmani Republican Party
James P. Bradley Independent
James Peterson Republican Party
Janet Parker Nonpartisan
Janett Oliveri Nonpartisan
Jaquan Curry Independent
Jared Huffman Republican Party
Jaret Gold Independent
Jasen Lemar Edwards Nonpartisan
Jasmine Sherman Nonpartisan
Jason Alaniz American People's Freedom Party
Jason C. Hardy Independent
Jason Hershey Nonpartisan
Jason John Juarez Nonpartisan
Jason Karroll Libertarian Party
Jason Michael Kidd Nonpartisan
Jason Palmer Democratic Party
Jason Waldram Nonpartisan
Jawad Hashem Hakeem Nonpartisan
Jay Arbuckel Republican Party
Jay P. Pridmore Republican Party
Jay Reeves Veterans Party of America Party
Jease Gladden Concerned Citizens Party of Connecticut
Jeff A. Iwerks Independent
Jeff Miles Democratic Party
Jeffory Heath Republican Party
Jeff Paul Unaffiliated
Jeffrey Brian Downard Independent
Jeffrey Magner Nonpartisan
Jeffrey Wiebens Republican Party
Jennifer Alameda Republican Party
Jennifer Astello Democratic Party
Jennifer Gillis Nonpartisan
Jennifer Hidrogo Republican Party
Jennifer Lee Ann Ney Democratic Party
Jennifer McMurray Democratic Party
Jeremiah Marciniak Nonpartisan
Jeremiah Newman Republican Party
Jeremy J. Kluesner Republican Party
Jeremy Kelly Republican Party
Jeremy Kinman Republican Party
Jeremy Lee Edom Nonpartisan
Jeremy Shane Bernheisel Independent
Jerry Lee Alkire Republican Party
Jerry Leon Carroll Nonpartisan
Jesse Corson Independent
Jesse Dwight Gladden Nonpartisan
Jesse Streeter Republican Party
Jessica Brown Republican Party
Jessica L. Abel Republican Party
Jesus B. Torres Republican Party
Jill Stein Green Party
Jim Alexander Norris Republican Party
Jimmy Cooper Independent
Jimmy Edward Harvey Nonpartisan
Jimmyrico Pigram Republican Party
Jim Rundberg Republican Party
Joan Farr Republican Party
Joanne Noto Independent
Jodie Smithson Democratic Party
Jody Daniel King Republican Party
Joe Biden Democratic Party
Joe D. Shepard Republican Party
Joe Exotic Democratic Party
JoeLarry Hunter Independent
Joel Larson Republican Party
Joe Schaufele Nonpartisan
John Allen Prince Independent
Johnathan Merkwan Communist Party
John Brubaker Independent
John Castro Republican Party
John Coyne Democratic Party
John Daly American Independent Party
John Damms Independent
John Edward Diaz Independent
John Fischer Republican Party
John Franklin Wadley Republican Party
John Gabriel Dvorak Republican Party
John Gagliardi Democratic Party
John Gwin Jr. Independent
John Karl Reiman Nonpartisan
John Keehner Independent
John Klein Republican Party
John McGlover Independent
Johnny Henry American Independent Party
John Philip Lograsso Nonpartisan
John Roco Republican Party
John Roy Brooks Independent
John Schiess Republican Party
John Thomas Reinhold Libertarian Party
John Vassar Nonpartisan
John Washington III Democratic Party
Jojo Camp Independent
Jonathan Fitzpatrick Independent
Jonathan Hardin Nonpartisan
Jonathan Mitchell Republican Party
Jonathan Rosen Republican Party
Jonathan Thomas Bailey Nonpartisan
Jonathan Tuan Tran Democratic Party
Jonathan Wesberry Republican Party
Jonathon Ramos Federalist Party
Jon Castenada Independent
Jon Edward Stasevich Independent
Jon Stewart Libertarian Party
Jorge Zavala Green Party
Jose Font Democratic Party
Joselito Santiago-Matias Republican Party
Joseph Angus McCusker Nonpartisan
Joseph Anthony Gervasio Republican Party
Joseph Anthony Nigro IV Independent
Joseph Arthur Stetson Republican Party
Joseph Collins Republican Party
Joseph Edward Anderson Republican Party
Joseph Firmage Democratic Party
Joseph Foreman Independent
Joseph Hoinski Republican Party
Joseph Jay Manger Democratic Party
Joseph Luis Gonzaga III Nonpartisan
Joseph Martin Unaffiliated
Joseph Michael Wiegand Republican Party
Joseph Zedan Independent
Jose Santos Cortes Republican Party
Joshua Anderson Libertarian Party
Joshua Aron Fritz Nonpartisan
Joshua Chiartas Independent
Joshua David Horwitz Democratic Party
Joshua David Usera Other
Joshua D. Smith Libertarian Party
Joshua Gray Independent
Joshua Rodriguez Libertarian Party
Joshua R. Schmitz Republican Party
Juan Rullan Nonpartisan
Judah B. Wilson Unaffiliated
Judah Valentine Christ Republican Party
Julian Bishop Lewis Independent
Julie Jones Democratic Party
Julie Meyer Republican Party
Justin Byrd Republican Party
Justin C. Robbins Republican Party
Justin Don Phillips American Independent Party
Justin Edward Hamilton Independent
Justin O'Donnell Libertarian Party
Justin Thompson Republican Party
Kacey Nicole Samples Democratic Party
Kai Severino Nonpartisan
Kaleb Garibaldi Nonpartisan
Kandy Kaye Horn Republican Party
Karen Elaine Shafford Republican Party
Katie Roedersheimer D.C. Statehood Green Party
Keira Anne Walker Democratic Party
Keith Charles Shaffer Republican Party
Keith S. Jacobs Nonpartisan
Keith Smith Democratic Party
Kelan Farrell-Smith Democratic Party
Kelvin Brewton Independent
Kelvin Gerad Davis Independent
Kenny Taylor Democratic Party
Ken Patterson Republican Party
Kerry Simmons Nonpartisan
Kevin Alexander Davies Nonpartisan
Kevin Babicz Libertarian Party
Kevin Eugene St John Republican Party
Kevin Gilroy Democratic Party
Kevin John Carney Democratic Party
Kevin Palmer Smith Independent
Kevin Simon Republican Party
Kevin Tucker Libertarian Party
Kevin West Independent
Khistina Dejean Independent
Kier Hansen Nonpartisan
Kimbery Januel Branch Independence Party
Kina Shamier Kerry Democratic Party
Kristie Shaver Nonpartisan
Kristopher Lee Davis Democratic Party
Krystal Khali Nonpartisan
Kurios I Independent
Kurry John Seymour Republican Party
Kwame Khary Boyd Republican Party
Kyle Alexander Sherman Independent
Kyle DeWick Independent
Kyle Kenley Kopitke Independent
Kyle Kennedy Republican Party
Kyle Wood Nonpartisan
Lance Brookins Unaffiliated
Landrus Steven Clark Nonpartisan
Lanormaya Williams People Over Politics Party
La'Rasha Washington Independent
Larry D. Azevedo Democratic Party
Larry Elder Republican Party
Larry Johnson Nonpartisan
Larry Vanpool Nonpartisan
Lars Mapstead Libertarian Party
Lashondra Dionne Winters Nonpartisan
Laurah Guillen Nonpartisan
Lee Mercer Jr. Democratic Party
Lee Rhodes Democratic Party
Liam Sutman Republican Party
Lincoln Chambers Adams Republican Party
Lindsay Kelch Democratic Party
Lisa Miel Matejka Independent
Logan Keener Unaffiliated
Lonnie Wills Republican Party
Loreal Richey Nonpartisan
Loren Charles Janosky American Party
Lori Ann Henriques Democratic Party
Louis Hook Federalist Party
Lucy Liao Master Republican Party
Luis Alberto Lavin Unaffiliated
Luis Jimenez Republican Party
Malcolm Alexander-Neal U.S. Taxpayers Party
Malcolm Tanner Nonpartisan
Marc Anthony Ramirez Nonpartisan
Marc Rosenkrans People Over Politics Party
Marcus Alexander Branch Democratic Party
Marcus Eric Byrd Nonpartisan
Marianne Williamson Democratic Party
Mark Alan Eberwine Nonpartisan
Mark Bamundo Unaffiliated
Mark Charles Fitzgerald Independent
Mark Duane Jacobs Republican Party
Mark Grauwelman Republican Party
Mark Richard Prascak Democratic Party
Mark Robert Marcellini Nonpartisan
Mark Stewart Greenstein Democratic Party
Marlaina Whitney Gedes Nonpartisan
Marte Cooksey Republican Party
Martin Blake Independent
Martin Foster Robbins Democratic Party
Marty Errin Snider Nonpartisan
Marty Moss Republican Party
Mary Clement Democratic Party
Mary Jo Walters Independent
Mary Maxwell Republican Party
Mary Tadeshe Independent Conservative Democratic Party
Mary Villaverde Morse Republican Party
Mason Vicent Cysewski Green Party
Mathew Lee Tyler Independent
Matt Guilland Unaffiliated
Matthew Austin Imholte Nonpartisan
Matthew Coe Buchanan Nonpartisan
Matthew Dolan Independent
Matthew D. Pinnavaia Nonpartisan
Matthew Duane Rasey Republican Party
Matthew Edward Taylor Nonpartisan
Matthew Harding Independent
Matthew Jackson Unaffiliated
Matthew Joseph Murphy Republican Party
Matthew Lichtenberger Independent
Matthew Madsen Republican Party
Matthew Russell Lanham Republican Party
Matthew Walter Chandler Jewish/Christian National Party
Mattie Joy Johnson Republican Party
Mattie Preston Democratic Party
Maximillian Hill Independence Party
May Alice Catherine Wells Independent
Melinda Daugherty Nonpartisan
Melissa Biondi Libertarian Party
Melissa Milhorn Independent
Michael Alan Vivroux Republican Party
Michael Anderson Nonpartisan
Michael Banks Veterans Party of America Party
Michael Bannon Republican Party
Michael Beirne Nonpartisan
Michael Bickelmeyer Republican Party
Michael Busa Unaffiliated
Michael Carr Progressive Party
Michael Chad Lemere Democratic Party
Michael Charles Stoll Republican Party
Michael Clark American Independent Conservative Party
Michael Curtis Republican Party
Michael David Anthony Independent
Michael DeName American Party
Michael D'Ottavio Democratic Party
Michael D. Rectenwald Libertarian Party
Michael D. Swing Democratic Party
Michael Edward Jorgensen Independent
Michael Floyd Other
Michael Gaul Conservative Party
Michael Harbour Nonpartisan
Michael Hood Independent
Michael Huckabee Republican Party
Michael Ian Vargo Nonpartisan
Michael Jeffrey Ruoho Republican Party
Michael Jenkins Nonpartisan
Michael Landingham Democratic Party
Michael Lemon Conservative Party
Michael Matthew Gibbons Republican Party
Michael Morini Nonpartisan
Michael Noonan Democratic Party
Michael Palmer Republican Party
Michael Robert Fusco Nonpartisan
Michael Sigmon Progressive Party
Michael Soetaert Democratic Party
Michael Steinberg Democratic Party
Michael Tillinghast Democratic Party
Michael W. Barbine Nonpartisan
Michael Wood Prohibition Party
Michael Zayas Independent
Michele Lynn Jakubowski Republican Party
Michelle A. Miser Independent
Miguel A. Gutierrez Nonpartisan
Miguel Rosales Nonpartisan
Mike Ledbetter Republican Party
Mike Martisko Other
Mike Pence Republican Party
Mike ter Maat Libertarian Party
Mikey Lane Democratic Party
Mitchell Ebata Nonpartisan
Mitch Taebel The Human Rights Party
Mohammad Kabir Other
Monica Evette Brinson Republican Party
Monique Laurette Spalding Republican Party
Morris Thompson Unaffiliated
Myishola Matthews Nonpartisan
Mykal Anstrom Independent
Nader Akhlaghy Peace and Freedom Party
Nancy Elizabeth Rodriguez Democratic Party
Naresh Vissa Freedom Party
Natasha Jones Nonpartisan
Nathan Douglas Kelly Republican Party
Nathan J. Vaught Jr. Libertarian Party
Natia Langston-Valenzuela Independent
Neil Gillespie Nonpartisan
Nicholas Biller Nonpartisan
Nicholas Cramer Nonpartisan
Nicholas Gray Nonpartisan
Nicholas Joseph Rains Anoai Republican Party
Nicholas Lance Independent
Nicholas Luppino Independent
Nicholas Mantanona Other
Nicholas Parham Independent
Nicholas Samuel Gonzales Republican Party
Nick Marks Nonpartisan
Nicolae Bunea Democratic Party
Nikki Haley Republican Party
Nikolette Hastings Independent
Nita Mildred Rice Democratic Party
Obioku Bassey Obotette Republican Party
Omar Jamil Boulos Nonpartisan
Paij Boring Republican Party
Pamela M. Pinkney Butts Other
Pamela Rocker Independent American Party
Patricia Nicklaus Republican Party
Patrick Beck Nonpartisan
Patrick Chapman Nonpartisan
Patrick Darnell Anderson Nonpartisan
Patrick Dean Johnson Independence Party
Patrick Henry Fourroux Republican Party
Patrick Riley Republican Party
Paul Alexander Bravo Republican Party
Paul Auger Independent
Paul B. Collingwood Nonpartisan
Paul Catanese Independent
Paul Manion Independent
Paul Matthew Brough Independence Party
Paul Robert Miller Republican Party
Pedro J. Velez Democratic Party
Perry Johnson Republican Party
Perry Jones Democratic Party
Peter Quaglia Nonpartisan
Peter Sharma Nonpartisan
Peter Sonski Nonpartisan
Phillip Bryan Kleski Democratic Party
Phillip Drake Independent
Phillip Emerson Independent
Pogo Mochello Allen-Reese Republican Party
President Boddie Democratic Party
Preston Tyler Struve Republican Party
Princess Khadijah Maryam Jacob-Fambro Independent
Quartterrio Morgan American People's Freedom Party
Quinci Renee Smith Slater Democratic Party
Rachel Adams Edwards Nonpartisan
Rachel Hannah Swift Republican Party
Rafael Jones Republican Party
Raistlin Osmon Independent
Ralph Anthony Pelusi Republican Party
Ralph Robbie Hoffman Democratic Party
Ralph Tingle Resource Party
Ramon Navarro Nonpartisan
Ramon William Tripp Nonpartisan
Randall Wick Democratic Party
Randy Gerber Republican Party
Randy Toler Green Party
Ranjeeth Reddy Republican Party
Raoul Kennedy Nonpartisan
Raul Cortina Independent
Raylon Waits Republican Party
Raymond Dude Wagner Libertarian Party
Raymond Fogg Independent
Raymond Lynn Stahle Nonpartisan
Rebecca Anne Knighting Independent
Rebecca Gail Abair Republican Party
Reece Wright-McDonald Republican Party
Regina D. DiSilvestro Independent
Renzell Givens Nonpartisan
Reponsal Perkins Democratic Party
Richard Allen Kent Independent
Richard Blake Rogers Republican Party
Richard Charles Moncada Independent
Richard C. Hoefer Republican Party
Richard C. Mcsorley Republican Party
Richard Curtiss Republican Party
Richard Hale Nelson Democratic Party
Richard James Casey Nonpartisan
Richard John Walters Independent
Richard Kale Fitzgerald Nonpartisan
Richard Lee Matheson Nonpartisan
Richard Pennington Unaffiliated
Richard Todd Lancaster Republican Party
Rick Chavez Democratic Party
Rico Cortez Dukes American Independent Party
Riki Prado Democratic Party
Rita Feline Williams Independent
Robert Allen Quigley Nonpartisan
Robert Allen Weeks Jr. New Alliance Party
Robert Carlos Ayala Democratic Party
Robert Chapman Nonpartisan
Robert Cooke IV Green Party
Robert Dean Burlison II Nonpartisan
Robert E. Sansone Libertarian Party
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Independent
Robert Francis Lungo Independent
Robert Humphrey Independent
Robert Ion Moldafsky Democratic Party
Robert James Walker Communist Party
Robert Jordan Democratic Party
Robert Lee Independent
Robert Lewis Ward Republican Party
Robert Malone Republican Party
Robert McGee Republican Party
Robert McMurrer Independence Party
Robert Michael Becker Democratic Party
Robert Michael Duncan Republican Party
Robert Sherwood Republican Party
Robert Wells Independent
Robert Wendell Smith Independent
Robin Mitchell Independent
Rocky Dean Crawford Nonpartisan
Rodger Lee Roose Democratic Party
Rod Mack Independent
Rodney Eugene Suggs Nonpartisan
Rodney Lee Lammers Republican Party
Rodolfo Pina Jr. Nonpartisan
Roelin Lee Davis Nonpartisan
Roger Lee Hughes Republican Party
Roger W. Charles Independent
Roger Welton American Independent Conservative Party
Roland Kwadwo Dela Agorkle Democratic Party
Rollan Roberts Republican Party
Romero Awtro Crawford Independent
Ronald Harrell Independence Party
Ronald Pryce Smith Young Republican Party
Ronaliseya Renea Stoudemire Independent
Ron DeSantis Republican Party
Ron S. Bull Democratic Party
Royce Marie Patton Nonpartisan
Roy Giessen Nonpartisan
Russell DeLeon Libertarian Party
Russell Henry Republican Party
Russell Smethers Nonpartisan
Ryan Binkley Republican Party
Ryan David Novak Republican Party
Ryan Kocak Nonpartisan
Ryan McCarty Democratic Party
Ryan P. Kirkpatrick Democratic Party
Ryan Stephen Ehrenreich Republican Party
Sae Hoon Park Democratic Party
Sahmon Mustafa Democratic Party
Saint Jermaine Endeley Democratic Party
Samantha Hendrick Independent
Sam Dependahl Unaffiliated
Sammy Garret Independent
Samuel Albert Brown Independent
Samuel B. Hoff Independent
Samuel D'Amico Democratic Party
Samuel Levi Hurt Republican Party
Samuel Lyndell Powell Independent
Sarah Ellen Thompson Republican Party
Saul Remi Hernandez Republican Party
Saundra Lou Edgell Independent
Scott Aiden Gardner Independent
Scott Alan Ayers Republican Party
Scott Alan Stratman Republican Party
Scott Allen Himrod Nonpartisan
Scott Conroy Palmer Nonpartisan
Scott Earnest Saunders American Independent Conservative Party
Scott James Kafka Nonpartisan
Scott Merrell Republican Party
Scott Milam Townsend Republican Party
Scott Preston Schafer Republican Party
Scott Wayne Nelson Independent
Scott Wesley Stauffer Republican Party
Sean McGuire Democratic Party
Sebastian Stewart Republican Party
Serrice Holman Republican Party
Seth Schechinger Unaffiliated
Seth Stewart Democratic Party
Sexy Vegan Nonpartisan
Seymour Art Lee Libertarian Party
Shabadjot Bharara Democratic Party
Shane Aleksander Mohammad Democratic Party
Sharon E. Brooks Independent
Shaun Savage Republican Party
Shawna Lyn Mccallister Republican Party
Shawn Asberry Republican Party
Shawn Waltz Independent
Shayne Matthew Robinson Nonpartisan
Shear'Ree Shear'Ree Independent
Sheila Robinson Independent
Shelley Faye Holy Republican Party
Shiloh Shiloh American Independent Party
Shinae Ahn Democratic Party
Shiva Ayyadurai Independent
Shmuel Goldstein Republican Party
Shondra Y. Irving Independent
Shontrell Johnson Republican Party
Simone Dickson Nonpartisan
Skyles Fitzgerald McAuley Democratic Party
Sorinne Ardeleanu Independent
Spencer Brandkamp Nonpartisan
Stanley Clint Beatty Republican Party
Stanley Waff Nonpartisan
Stefan Lowe Republican Party
Steffane Marie Celia Rodriguez Nonpartisan
Stephanie Noelle Denny Republican Party
Stephen Alan Leon Democratic Party
Stephen Bradley Comley Sr. Republican Party
Stephen Glass Republican Party
Stephen Lukas Barrett Unaffiliated
Stephen Lyons Sr. Democratic Party
Stephen Paul Murphy Democratic Party
Steve Laffey Republican Party
Steven D. Kelley Nonpartisan
Steven Fleck Democratic Party
Steven Hudson Democratic Socialists of America
Steven Kross Republican Party
Steven McIntire Allen Republican Party
Steve St. Peter Nonpartisan
Stuart Farber Democratic Party
Susan Buchser-Lochocki Republican Party
Susan Resch Republican Party
Suzzanna V. Tanner Independent
Sykema Powell Democratic Party
Sylvania Thompson Independent
Talalupe Fonzie Vavao Republican Party
Tamerlane Bey Independence Party
Tamiko Powell Independent
Tanya Pearson Independent
Tara Frost Nonpartisan
Taylor Sullivan Unaffiliated
Ted Snider Republican Party
Temperance Lance-Council Nonpartisan
Terrance Abraham Independent
Terrance James Harvey Republican Party
Terrisa Lin Bukovinac Democratic Party
Terry Wilkerson Nonpartisan
Tevin Handford Liberal Party
Thomas A. Bentley Republican Party
Thomas Coats Nonpartisan
Thomas Daly Democratic Party
Thomas Edward Burton Independent
Thomas Erickson Nonpartisan
Thomas Ernest Ross Jr. Independent
Thomas Francis Winterbottom Democratic Party
Thomas Fuller Nonpartisan
Thomas James Kidd Independent
Thomas Salzillo James Nonpartisan
Thomas Sheppard Republican Party
Tiffany Gayle Keller Democratic Party
Tiffany Shawn Ford Independent
Timothy Bax Nonpartisan
Timothy Charles Kalemkarian Republican Party
Timothy Harrington Nordyke Nonpartisan
Timothy Joseph Cyr Independent
Timothy Michael Villari Republican Party
Timothy Neil Rushing Constitutional Party
Timothy Paul Jackson Jr. American Independent Conservative Party
Timothy Rachal Republican Party
Timothy R. Millus Independent
Timothy St. Clair Nonpartisan
Tim Scott Republican Party
Tina Jayne Hahn Republican Party
Tina Rose Independent
TJ Elgin Independent
TJ Wallace Republican Party
Toby Martini Independent
Todd J. Ashcraft Democratic Party
Tommie Lee Allen IV Nonpartisan
Tonya Michelle Jennings Nonpartisan
Tony Jones Reform Party
Tony Zorc Independent
Traci Ann Sandrick Republican Party
Travis Keith Lang Republican Party
Trenita Walker Democratic Party
Trime Clover Taveler Libertarian Party
Trista di Genova Democratic Party
Turok Jones Unaffiliated
Tyler Gray Green Party
Tyler Rathbun Unaffiliated
Tyrone Jamison Republican Party
Ulrich Neujahr Democratic Party
Valentine Vidal Democratic Party
Valerie Coleman Republican Party
Valma Kitt Paul Republican Party
Vanderelmo James Acevedo Diaz Nonpartisan
Vanessa S. McCarron Nonpartisan
Van Kent Independent
Victoria Dawn Zieg Democratic Party
Victor Oswald Robinson Jr. Republican Party
Vincent Cordova Independent
Vincent Wallace American Independent Conservative Party
Vivek Ramaswamy Republican Party
Wallace James Littrell Republican Party
Walter Douglas Clapp Republican Party
Washington Blask Republican Party
Wayne J. Villines Democratic Party
Wayne Pope Democratic Party
Wenona Gardner Independent
Wesley Todd Inselman Independent
Whitney Medearis Democratic Party
William Anderson Beauford Republican Party
William Anthony Fera Communist Party
William Anthony Masone Republican Party
William Ashburn Nonpartisan
William Cody Nalbach Nonpartisan
William Farms Independent
William Gailey Democratic Party
William G. Jackson Independent
William Hurd Republican Party
William Lambert Nonpartisan
William Marsters Independent
William P. Stodden Socialist Party
William Robert Connors Nonpartisan
William Wallace Independent
Willie Carter Democratic Party
Willita Bush-Boyd Independent
Wilson Jack Nonpartisan
Wisdom Zerit Teklay Nonpartisan
Wyatt Endres Independent
Yehanna Joan Malone Republican Party
Zachariah Bertrom Mountain Nonpartisan
Zachary Krueger Nonpartisan
Zachary Michael Burell Unaffiliated
Zachary Parker American Independent Party
Zane Baize Unaffiliated

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