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November 17, 2022- Down the Ballot, What You May Not Know

You know the major election results, now let us fill you in on what you may not have seen on election day.

Join Ballotpedia’s Editor in Chief, Geoff Pallay, and Managing Editor for Marquee Elections, Cory Eucalitto for a breakdown of the key results and trends from 2022's November elections. The team examines results from state-level elections to local ballot measures across the country.

November 10, 2022- What Happened on the Ballot (post election review)

Join Ballotpedia's Editor in Chief, Geoff Pallay, and Managing Editor for Ballot Measures, Ryan Byrne, for a recap of the November 8 election results!

Following whats sure to be an exciting midterm election, they'll be analyzing ballot measure results compared to prior elections as well as discussing what happened with key measure trends including measures related to abortion, marijuana, and election policy.

We'll also take a look at some local ballot measure results, including those related to electoral systems, such as ranked-choice voting.

October 20, 2022- Top 15 Ballot Measures to Watch

Following our Top 15 Elections to Watch webinar, Ballotpedia is keeping a close eye on ballot measures across the country as we head towards November 8th. Managing Editor for the Ballot Measures Team, Ryan Byrne, and staff writer, Victoria Rose, are digging into ballot measure trends we've identified this year across a myriad of topics including abortion, marijuana, voting policy, and more.

September 28, 2022- Top 15 Elections to Watch

Ballotpedia is covering dozens of elections across the country as we head towards November 8th. But which ones have captured our attention the most?

Join Marquee Team Lead David Luchs and Marquee staff writer Dave Beaudoin as they discuss Ballotpedia's picks of the "Top 15 Elections to Watch" in 2022. With less than six weeks until Election Day, they'll get you up to speed on the Senate, gubernatorial, U.S. House, judicial, and local races that they're paying special attention to.

July 26, 2022- An update on the Supreme Court of the United States

Join Ballotpedia's Kate Carmella and Brittany Maag as they dive into SCOTUS's 2021-2022 term and highlight a few noteworthy cases. In the webinar, they will examine statistics from the 2021 term, compare those to previous terms, and look ahead to what we know so far about the court's upcoming 2022-2023 term. Attendees should come away with a good understanding of the 2021 term highlights and what to expect (so far) in the 2022 term.

July 14, 2022- Mid-Year Recall Report

Please join staff writers Samuel Wonacott and Caitlin Vanden Boom as they dive into Ballotpedia's 2022 mid-year recall report.

Along the way, they will discuss:

-Where recalls are happening and what officials are being impacted -Results from 2022's recall elections, including the San Francisco Unified School District and district attorney recall elections -School board recall elections/Hall Pass -And more!

June 29: Briefing—Election Legislation Tracker

Join Ballotpedia's Editor in Chief, Geoff Pallay, and Marquee Staff Writer, Jerrick Adams as they debut our new Election Legislation Tracker!

All the information you need is free and just a click away. Whether you have five minutes for research or want to dig deeper in to election legislation, Ballotpedia’s Election Legislation Tracker is unparalleled offering comprehensive, up-to-date information about legislation in all 50 states. There’s nothing else like it.

Watch the video to see it in action!

April 28: Briefing—Trifecta Vulnerability

Join Ballotpedia staff members Amee LaTour and Dave Beaudoin as they break down Ballotpedia's annual trifecta vulnerability ratings. During this briefing, we'll discuss our analysis of the likelihood of each existing state government trifecta breaking, and of new state government trifectas forming, as a result of the 2022 elections.

March 29: Briefing—School Board Elections 2022

Join Ballotpedia staff writers Sam Wonacott and Doug Kronaizl to learn about what we are watching in school board elections this year. We will take a look at broad trends and big-ticket races, as well as more detailed looks at the spike in recall efforts and our coverage of conflicts in school board elections across the country.

February 24: Briefing—Heart of the Primaries

The first primaries of the 2022 election cycle will take place in Texas on March 1. What do this year's primaries mean for the direction of the major parties and the country?

Join Marquee Team lead David Luchs and staff writer Amée LaTour to learn about emerging themes and The Heart of the Primaries newsletter, where we're tracking news and conflicts in each major party's primaries.

January 20: Briefing—Redistricting

Now that over half of states have approved new district boundaries based on the results of the 2020 census, our Redistricting briefing will explore the current landscape and discuss what will happen as we begin 2022.

Marquee team writers Amee LaTour and Dave Beaudoin will break down which states have enacted new congressional and legislative maps, what is likely to happen next, and what it could potentially mean for this year’s elections.

Ballotpedia Insights

Seeking to expand your knowledge about politics and government? Ballotpedia Insights is a Q&A series with political and legal scholars, researchers, reporters, and subject matter experts. Each installment, we host a new speaker and ask them tailored questions designed to gain in-depth insight into their work. Occasionally, we will select a book for everyone to read and hold a session with the author or authors afterward.

These sessions will also be attended by Ballotpedia staff, who may come with some questions of their own.

In the past we've held sessions with:

  • Salena Zito and Brad Todd, authors of The Great Revolt
  • Chad Peace, expert in election law and voter rights
  • Edgar Bachrach and Austin Berg, authors of The New Chicago Way

These sessions are a great opportunity to learn from some leading professionals involved in politics. Even better, they're free to register and attend. Sign up using the form on this page to receive updates about upcoming sessions. Events will also be announced on Twitter and Facebook.


Scroll through our archive to view events from 2021. Older events can be found on our YouTube channel.


November 17: Briefing—Looking Ahead to 2022: Donor Disclosure

Join our Disclosure Digest Team as they catch you up on statutory trends and review the arguments surrounding donor disclosure and privacy.

Donor disclosure and privacy policies dictate what nonprofits must disclose about their donors, and to whom they must make those disclosures. Following a discussion of the legislative trends, our team takes an in-depth look at the main arguments in this policy area.

November 10: Briefing—2021 Elections Analysis

Join Ballotpedia editorial staffers David Luchs and Dave Beaudoin for a breakdown of the key results and trends from 2021's November elections. The team examines results from state-level elections in New Jersey and Virginia and local races across the country.

Although there are fewer races on the ballot than in an even-numbered year, we found no shortage of interesting storylines and events. Among the results we reviewed:

  • Whether Virginia Democrats successfully held onto their first House majority since the 1990s.
  • Results of mayoral races in 27 major cities, including New York, Boston, and Seattle.
  • The status of state government trifectas; going into the Nov. 2nd elections, 38 states were under single-party trifecta control, more than at any point since at least 1992.

October 6: Briefing—Ballotpedia's 2021 Elections To Watch

Ballotpedia is keeping a close eye on elections across the country as we head towards November 2nd. Marquee Team staff writer Amée LaTour digs into Virginia's gubernatorial race, which—along with the House of Delegates elections—will determine whether Democrats maintain their newly won trifecta status or Republicans rebound. We also look at local elections in Seattle, Cleveland, and other cities across the nation where policing, public safety, affordable housing, and homelessness are at the forefront of voters' minds and candidates' policy debates.

September 22: Briefing—2021 State Legislative Competitiveness Report

Ballotpedia's 11th Annual State Legislative Competitiveness report is here with facts and figures on 2021's races in New Jersey and Virginia. We're already seeing the highest level of major party competition in any election cycle since at least 2010. Learn more about these contests as well as the number of incumbents seeking re-election and who faced (and lost) primary elections.

September 15: Briefing—Dive Into The 2021 Ballot Measure Landscape

With voters expecting to see a higher than average number of statewide measures on their ballots in 2021, Ballot Measure Project Director Josh Altic puts these measures in context. Tune in as Altic reviews the notable issues before voters and highlights the trends.

This briefing also covers 2021's notable measures impacting policies such as policing, executive emergency powers, sports betting, voting, education, taxes, environmental rights, and a multi-state and international conflict over an electric transmission line.

August 25th: Briefing—Newsom Recall Election Preview

A few weeks out from the election to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Ballotpedia Team is here to catch you up to speed. In this briefing, our team will discuss the mechanics of the recall election, who the 46 candidates running to replace Newsom are, how much money has been raised, and comparisons to the only successful previous recall of a California governor.

July 26th: You Ask, Ballotpedia Answers: Judicial Deference

Are you looking to learn more about the Administrative State?

Join Ballotpedia's Administrative State Team for a Question and Answer session about the second pillar of the administrative state: Judicial deference.

Judicial deference is a principle of judicial review in which a federal court yields to an agency's interpretation of a statute or regulation. The U.S. Supreme Court has developed several forms of deference in reviewing federal agency actions, including Chevron deference, Skidmore deference, and Auer deference.

July 21st: Briefing—Donor Disclosure and Donor Privacy: Policy and Legislative Trends

Take a look at 2021's legislative activity surrounding donor disclosure policy with the team behind Ballotpedia's Disclosure Digest. In this free briefing, we catch you up on statutory trends and review important court rulings.

Donor disclosure policies dictate what nonprofits must disclose about their donors, and to whom they must make those disclosures. As of July 7, Ballotpedia tracked 39 donor disclosure bills throughout the United States: 11 sponsored by Republicans, 17 by Democrats, and the rest by committees or bipartisan groups. Six of these 39 had been enacted into law.

Following a discussion of the legislative trends, our team reviews the impacts of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Bonta.

June 23rd: Recall Report

Our June 2021 Mid-year recall report finds recall efforts are at a six-year high. Our team breaks down what's behind that trend in this briefing.

As of publication, we had ​tracked 164 recall efforts against 262 officials. This is the most recall efforts for this point in the year since the first half of 2016. Of these recalls, 77 are related to government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the first time since 2015, school board members drew more recall petitions than any other group.

Watch to find out:

  • Where recalls are happening and what officials are being impacted
  • Results from 2021's recall elections
  • The latest news in the ongoing recall effort against California Gov. Newsom and other notable recall elections

June 2nd: Briefing—2021 Primary Preview

It may be an odd-number year after a presidential election cycle, but at Ballotpedia, that's no reason to take a breather from election coverage. In 2021, we're digging deep into state and local elections, covering the two states with gubernatorial and state legislative elections along with municipal elections in 71 cities across the country, special congressional elections, and more.

In this briefing, Marquee Team staff writer Amée LaTour and News Team editor Dave Beaudoin discuss 2021's battleground primaries, including those for governor in Virginia and New Jersey as well as New York City's first-ever ranked choice voting mayoral primary. Listen in to learn who's running, what's at stake, and how the issues are unfolding in these primaries.

May 26: Briefing—One Year of Documenting America's Path to Recovery

It's been one year since Ballotpedia staff began documenting America’s path to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. In this briefing, our co-panelists Jimmy McAllister and Sam Wonacott help you gain a better understanding of state government pandemic-related policies and the context and definitions surrounding those responses.

We start with some of our earliest coverage areas like stay-at-home orders and changes to voting policies in the 2020 general election.

Then we dive into our current coverage of vaccines, travel restrictions, mask requirements, school responses, and much more. Also, we cover definitions when needed, give you an update on where things stand, and give you topline context.

May 12: Briefing—State Supreme Court Partisanship

One of the most common questions Ballotpedia staff hear is "How do I learn more about my judges?" Our latest report helps answer that question by looking at partisanship at each state's highest court.

In what may be the most striking finding of the study, our team found that justices of the same party disagree with one another just like justices of different parties disagree with one another.

This finding differs from idea that politics seems to be so polarized that people from different parties can never come to political agreement. However our analysis of 2020 state supreme court rulings seems to show that partisan lines are not as rigid across all of our political institutions as we may perceive them to be.

April 21: The State of Redistricting

With apportionment counts expected from the Census Bureau by April 30th, our redistricting team reviewed how states are responding to the expected delay in getting block-level data from the Census Bureau, including redistricting postponements, lawsuits, and more.

April 7: Briefing—2021 SCOTUS Update

With the end of the current SCOTUS term coming up this summer, our team took a look at what has changed since our last briefing. In this call, our team walks you through the following:

  • Changes in court membership
  • How the court continues to operate under COVID-19
  • Updates and analysis on this term's cases
  • A look ahead to the next term

You'll leave this briefing with a better understanding how this term compares to previous terms. Check it out!

March 24: Briefing—Exploring Election Systems

In addition to covering the candidates running for office and those election results, we also nerd out about how those elections are run. With the use of approval voting in St. Louis for the first time spring 2021, our team took a look at changes to election systems across the United States.

Ballot Measures Project Director Josh Altic discussed ballot measures on election systems, including

  • Alaska's top four ranked choice voting initiative
  • Mississippi Ballot Measure 2
  • New York City's 2019 ranked choice voting measure
  • St. Louis' 2020 approval voting measure and
  • 5 other local ranked-choice voting measures

Staff writer Amée LaTour was also on the call talking about marquee local races using new election systems this year, including the mayoral elections in St. Louis and New York City.

March 10: Briefing—2021 Ballot Measures

Another year, another chance for voters to weigh in on important policy matters at the ballot. Join us as our Ballot Measures Project Director, Josh Altic, discusses the 2021 and 2022 statewide measures already certified for the ballot.
This briefing covers:

  • March 2 election results
  • A look at historical trends
  • The lingering effects of COVID-19
  • And a selection of notable potential measures that could still be added to the ballot.
Our apologies in advance as the audio cuts out at times in the first half.

Feb. 25: Briefing—Incumbency and 2020 state legislative elections

227 state legislative incumbents were defeated in general elections in 2020, the lowest number since at least 2010. This briefing takes a closer look at those defeats, where they had the largest effect, and what they mean for the 2021 state legislative sessions.

Our team also discusses incumbent turnover and what it means for newcomers in our state legislatures by examining incumbents defeated in primary elections and those who did not seek re-election this year.

Feb. 10: Briefing—Redistricting 101

The Ballotpedia staff spent the first couple of months of 2021 continuously refreshing their browsers checking for updated census data. While waiting for the data, our team ran through the basics of redistricting. Check out this briefing to get a refresher on the basics, including:

  • How redistricting works
  • What is at stake during the 2021 redistricting cycle
  • What changed from the last cycle
  • The latest news and updates

Jan. 21: Briefing—Pivot Counties and the 2020 Election

Going into the 2020 elections, one big question Ballotpedia's staff wondered was how would Pivot Counties swing. In this briefing, we dig into that question and the impact these counties had on the presidential election. We review why we started following these counties in 2016, as we introduce you to new definitions—Retained and Boomerang Counties. Finally, we cover the top line numbers, like how many counties voted which way, and then talk about some important differences in terms of demographics and turnout.

See also