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We know staying on top of political news can feel like a full-time job, we want to help you be informed without working overtime on Ballotpedia. Instead, let us send the important news to your inbox.

Every day, our team updates hundreds of pages on our site, and on election days that number heads into the thousands. We keep an eye on federal, state, and local politics and policies so you don't have to. Our newsletters bring you in-depth reporting and expert analysis from the presidential race down to school board elections. Save time and stay informed with emails that you can enjoy with your morning coffee.

Don't know where to start? We recommend the following newsletters:

The Daily Brew
The Weekly Brew

Available Newsletters

Ballotpedia's Daily Brew

Start your day with Ballotpedia's Daily Brew: a concise morning email for busy schedules, delivering our top three political stories of the day through a nonpartisan lens.

Ballotpedia's Weekly Brew

Simplify your week with Ballotpedia’s Weekly Brew. One short Friday email, bringing you our top stories from the week you can read in less than five minutes.

Ballotpedia's Ballot Bulletin

Get weekly insights on election policy with Ballotpedia’s Ballot Bulletin, a weekly email packed with data from our Election Administration Legislation Tracker, key bills and trends, and nonpartisan expert analyses.

Ballotpedia's Bargaining in Blue

Bargaining in Blue is Ballotpedia's monthly resource on activity related to police collective bargaining agreements. News, policy debates, and unbiased analysis from every state.

Ballotpedia's Checks and Balances

Ballotpedia's Checks and Balances keeps readers updated on the latest actions at the federal and state levels related to the separation of powers, due process, and the rule of law.

Ballotpedia's Economy and Society

Ballotpedia’s Economy and Society newsletter is packed with nonpartisan insights on the intersection of business and politics.

Ballotpedia's Hall Pass

Stay engaged in school board politics and education policy debates. Receive weekly insights, expert nonpartisan commentary, election updates, and recalls in Ballotpedia’s Hall Pass.

Ballotpedia's Robe & Gavel

Ballotpedia's Robe and Gavel provides weekly, unbiased insights into SCOTUS, federal judge appointments, retirements, and pivotal rulings.

Ballotpedia's State Ballot Measure Monthly

Ballotpedia's State Ballot Measure Monthly delivers an exclusive unbiased report each month, highlighting Ballotpedia’s best-in-class coverage of all things ballot measures.

Ballotpedia's Learning Journeys

Here is a brand new way to dive deeper into the topics you want to learn about! Ballotpedia is ready to teach you about complex topics with a short-run series of emails. Sign up to find out every time Ballotpedia launches a new learning journey.

Scott Rasmussen's Number of the Day

Elevate your mornings with Scott Rasmussen's Number of the Day, a spotlight on topics at the crossroads of politics, culture, and technology.

Ballotpedia Events

Be the first to know about new events from Ballotpedia.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email, and we will be happy to help.

Visit our newsletter archive to view newsletters we've delivered in the past.

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