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Ballotpedia offers you the most comprehensive political data in the business: from candidates to officeholders to ballot measures, we're here for you.

We hear it from researchers every year: it takes a huge amount of work to assemble the most complete and accurate data on the tens of thousands of candidates and officeholders.

Simplify your team’s to-do list, and get that data straight from Ballotpedia. Ballotpedia is one of the most trusted data providers in the industry and works with organizations both large and small. Our clients have used our political data to build marketing lists, craft voter engagement apps, advocate in all levels of government, and more!


Candidates for federal, state, and local offices

Executive, legislative, and judicial branches
City councils, special districts, school boards, judicial offices, law enforcement, and more
Contact information available

Current officeholders at federal, state, and local levels

Executive, legislative, and judicial branches
Contact information available

Ballot measures

Executive, legislative, and judicial branches
Contact information available

Election information

How and when to run for office in all 50 states
Election rules and dates

White label sample ballot

Customizable embeddable widget
Accurate candidate and ballot measure listings

For a comprehensive list of all available data products, please contact

We’ve designed, built, and delivered data to meet a variety of client needs. Find out what Ballotpedia can do for you!

Contact for quotes and questions for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is political data? Political data encompasses thousands of data points about government and politics, like information about candidates, officeholders, voters, political parties, voting habits, and more.
  • What is political data used for? Political data is used for an array of projects, including issue advocacy, marketing, scholarly research, and much more!
  • What data does Ballotpedia offer? We provide comprehensive election and officeholder coverage for all federal elections and offices, all statewide elections and offices, and the elections and offices in the top 100 U.S. cities by population. We also offer election and office coverage for 32 additional state capitals.
  • How can I get political data? Data can be delivered via CSV file, a custom endpoint, or API access. Email Ballotpedia for a quote!
  • What if I want something that isn’t in your database? We offer research services and would be happy to discuss your project with you. Email us for more information!

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