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Why am I seeing ads on Ballotpedia?

Ballotpedia is a nonprofit that mainly relies on donations from our readers to provide nonpartisan information to voters. Another method we use to fund this free, public resource is digital ads. Like most major websites and digital publications, we work with an ad vendor—in our case Publir—to display ads on our site. We have set up special guidelines for ads that appear on Ballotpedia to maintain our commitment to neutrality. What does this mean for you? You should not see any ads that favor or oppose a political party, candidate, elected official, ballot measure, public policy, etc. on our site.

I see an inappropriate ad on Ballotpedia. What can I do?

Please let us know if you see any ads that show bias or that you believe don't belong on Ballotpedia!

How to let us know:
1) Take a screenshot of the ad
2) Email us at with the screenshot of the ad and the page you saw the ad appear on
We will alert our vendor and they, in turn, will prevent the ad from appearing again and make any necessary updates our ad guidelines.

Do you have another question or concern? Please email us.

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