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About Ballotpedia

Who we are

Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics, and the nation’s premier resource for unbiased information on elections, politics, and policy.

We provide our readers curated content on all levels of U.S. politics that is relevant, reliable, and available for all. Ballotpedia’s policy content and assets are a gateway to learning about public policy and an unparalleled resource for in-depth, historical, clear, comprehensive and factual information on key policy areas. We are firmly committed to neutrality in all our content.

As a nonprofit, our mission is to educate. We're here for you when:

  • You need the latest political news and analysis from a reliable, nonpartisan source.
  • You're making decisions about how you'll vote in an election.
  • You want to access all opinions–fairly, clearly, and completely presented–surrounding a policy area.

Our professional staff of researchers and writers produce all of our content. Although we have an office in Wisconsin, the majority of our staff work from home offices across the United States. Geoff Pallay is our Editor-in-Chief, and Caitlin Styrsky is our Chief Policy Editor.

Ballotpedia is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any campaigns or candidates for office. All gifts to Ballotpedia are tax deductible to the extent of the law and help to provide voters with information about their ballots.

What we do

See also: Scope of Ballotpedia, Ballotpedia Email Updates

Ballotpedia is changing the way people connect with politics and policy. Our content includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections and candidates. Ballotpedia currently has 436,182 encyclopedic articles and offers daily, weekly, and monthly email newsletters on a variety of specialized topics. See the full scope of what we cover.


Wisconsin-based Lucy Burns Institute sponsors Ballotpedia. The institute's mission is to deliver exceptionally high-quality information that empowers its audience to engage in democracy. The Lucy Burns Institute/Ballotpedia is a 501(c)(3) organization that accepts donations from individuals and foundations. Other revenue sources include:

How we make a difference

We've had more than 1.2 billion page views since our founding in 2007. But page views are just the beginning. Ballotpedia is a leading source of ballot information for voters across the country. Our Sample Ballot Lookup Tool has helped tens of millions of voters understand exactly who and what is on their ballot, allowing them to vote with confidence. For those interested in public policy, we offer an unparalleled roadmap to reform that is neutral on the issues.

Through our rapidly growing volunteer program, participants from all walks of life contribute to projects that help expand our readers' understanding of and engagement with politics. Find out more about our volunteer program.

Our work has been referenced in more than tens of thousands of media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Politico.

Ballotpedia has grown from a small group of local volunteers to an essential resource for 1-in-2 American voters. To find out more about our next steps, read our founder and CEO Leslie Graves' article, "Solving the ballot information problem."

Annual Report

Ballotpedia is America’s most trusted source for news and information on politics, elections, and policy. Each year we publish an Annual Report. Click on the links below to review a report:

Frequently asked questions

How is content created on Ballotpedia?

Our professional staff of writers, researchers, and election analysts produces all of our content.

Does Ballotpedia have a political point of view?

No. Ballotpedia is nonprofit and nonpartisan. We are not affiliated with any political campaign or advocacy group. Our goal is for Ballotpedia to be neutral and unbiased. We believe voters deserve objective and factual information at all levels of government, so that they can make the choices that are right for them.

Can I trust your content?

All Ballotpedia content must be neutral, accurate, and verifiable. If you notice any errors, please bring them to our attention.

How can I schedule an interview with a Ballotpedia staffer, or learn more about your work?

If you have any questions about our work or would like to speak to one of our writers, please email

I'm a candidate or campaign staffer. How can I submit information to Ballotpedia?

You may participate in our Candidate Connection project to submit a photo, biography, video, or survey responses.

How can I contribute to Ballotpedia?

We'd love you to consider making a tax-deductible contribution! Or learn about other ways you can help.

What areas of politics does Ballotpedia cover?

Our content projects currently include:

Read more about our scope here.

What areas of policy does Ballotpedia cover?

Our content projects currently include:

How can I apply for a job with Ballotpedia?

Ballotpedia is always looking for talent! Apply for one of our open positions to be considered. We also have an internship program.

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