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Stay on top of election policy news throughout the states

The Ballot Bulletin is a weekly email that delivers the latest updates on election policy. The Ballot Bulletin tracks developments in election policy around the country, including legislative activity, big-picture trends, and recent news. Each email contains in-depth data from our Election Administration Legislation Tracker. You'll also be able to track relevant legislation, with links to and summaries of the bills themselves.

In each issue, you'll find:

  • A list of the bills moving through state legislatures, signed into law, and defeated in the past week.
  • A breakdown of legislative activity by state, topic, and partisan sponsorship.
  • Comparisons between what's happening now and what happened in previous years.
  • The latest news on notable legislative developments, litigation, and other election policy changes.

Below are the most recent editions. To view our full archive, click here.

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