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Thousands of elections took place in 2023 across the United States, including primary and general elections at the state and local levels and special elections at the federal, state, and local levels. This page presents Ballotpedia's ongoing research and analysis on this year's elections in the United States, including:

Federal politics

See also: Special elections to the 118th United States Congress (2023-2024)

Although there were no regularly-scheduled federal elections in 2023, there were federal special elections which took place.

As of January 2024, three special elections had been held to complete a term in the U.S. House, and there are three upcoming special elections scheduled to take place. The following special elections are upcoming:

The following special elections already occurred:


State politics

State legislative elections

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See also: State legislative elections, 2023

Eight of the country's 99 state legislative chambers held regularly-scheduled elections in 2023. Elections in those eight chambers represented 578 of the country's 7,386 state legislative seats (7.8%). This was the most seats up for election in an odd-numbered year since 2011.

  • Democrats gained control of one state legislative chamber by winning partisan control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats maintained control of the state Senate. Virginia's trifecta status remained divided.
  • Republicans were guaranteed simple majorities in both Mississippi's House and Senate and Louisiana's House and Senate due to the number of districts where candidates from only one political party ran.
  • Democrats maintained partisan control of both chambers of the New Jersey state legislature.


State executive elections

See also: State executive official elections, 2023


State judicial elections

See also: State judicial elections, 2023

A total of 15 state appellate court seats were up for election in 2023. This includes:

  • 2 supreme court seats
  • 13 intermediate appellate court seats.

The number of state supreme court and intermediate court elections is subject to change if judges retire or are appointed.

Ballotpedia provided coverage of supreme court and intermediate appellate court elections, as well as local trial court elections for judges within the 100 largest cities in the United States as measured by population.


State ballot measures

See also: 2023 ballot measures

In 2023, 41 statewide ballot measures were certified for the ballot in eight states—Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. That's the highest number of state ballot measures for an odd-numbered year since 2007.

  • Between March and August 2023, voters in three states decided on five ballot measures. Voters approved three and rejected two of these measures.
  • On October 14, voters in Louisiana approved four constitutional amendments, including Amendment 1, which addressed private financing of election administration, and Amendment 2, which provided state constitutional rights regarding places of worship.
  • On November 7, voters in five states decided on 28 ballot measures, including six citizen-initiated ballot measures (two in Ohio, and four in Maine). Voters approved 23 and rejected five ballot measures on November 7.
  • On November 18, the last statewide ballot measure election of 2023, voters in Louisiana decided on an additional four constitutional amendments. Voters approved three and rejected one constitutional amendment.


Local elections

See also: United States municipal elections, 2023

Ballotpedia covered municipal elections in 29 counties and 77 cities, including 40 mayoral elections, in 2023. As of 2023, Ballotpedia's coverage scope for local elections included elections on the ballot in the 100 largest U.S. cities by population, as well as elections for mayors, city council members, and district attorneys in each state capital.


Ballot measures

See also: 2023 ballot measures

In 2023, 41 statewide ballot measures were certified for the ballot in eight states—Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. That's the highest number of state ballot measures for an odd-numbered year since 2007. Ballotpedia also covered local ballot measures in the localities within our coverage scope.


Election coverage by state

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See also: Elections by state and year.,_2023

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