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As of January 4, 2024, 55 statewide ballot measures have been certified for the ballot in 25 states for elections in 2024.

From 2010 to 2022, the average number of statewide ballot measures in an even-numbered year was 161.

Trends in 2024

Types of ballot measures

From 2010 to 2022, an average of 161 statewide ballot measures—53 initiated measures and 108 referred measures—appeared on ballots in even-numbered years. An initiated measure is a proposed law that people collect signatures for to put on the ballot. A referred measure is a proposed law that a legislature or commission, or constitutional provision in the case of automatic referrals, puts on the ballot for voters to decide.

Type 2024 2022 2020 2018 2016 2014 2012 2010 Average
Initiated ballot measures 9 30 43 68 76 40 61 50
Initiated constitutional amendments[1] 4 11 15 26 25 8 19 17
Initiated state statutes 3 17 25 37 46 27 29 29
Veto referendums 2 2 4 5 5 5 13 5
Referred ballot measures 46 110 86 99 86 118 125 134
Legislative constitutional amendment 40 89 69 66 69 91 98 106
Legislative state statute 5 8 6 9 2 5 8 8
Commission-referred measure 0 0 0 7 0 1 0 0
Automatically referred measure 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 4
Bond issues 0 7 6 14 11 15 14 15
Advisory question 0 3 4 2 3 5 2 1
Total: 55 140 129 167 162 158 186 184

By date

March 5

  1. Alabama Exempt Local Bills from Budget Isolation Resolution Amendment (March 2024) 
  2. California Proposition 1, Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure (March 2024) 

April 2

  1. Wisconsin Question 1, Ban on Private and Non-Governmental Funding of Election Administration Amendment (April 2024) 
  2. Wisconsin Question 2, Only Designated Election Officials to Conduct Elections Amendment (April 2024) 

By state


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March 5, 2024:

Type Title Description


Exempt Local Bills from Budget Isolation Resolution Amendment Exempt local laws or local constitutional amendments from the budget isolation resolution process


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Type Title Description


Criminal Conviction Fee for First Responder Death Financial Benefit Amendment Establish a $20 fee on every conviction for a criminal offense, which would go to pay a benefit of $250,000 to the family of a first responder who is killed in the line of duty


Emergency Declarations Amendment Provide for the legislature to terminate a state of emergency or alter the emergency powers of the governor during the state of emergency, and provide for any emergency powers granted to the governor to automatically terminate 30 days after the state of emergency is proclaimed, unless the state legislature extends the emergency powers granted to the governor, and except in cases for a state of war emergency or an emergency arising from a flood or a fire


Require Partisan Primaries Amendment Require partisan primary elections for partisan offices


Signature Distribution Requirement for Initiatives Amendment Create a signature distribution requirement for citizen-initiated ballot measures based on state legislative districts


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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Lottery Proceed Funding for Vocational-Technical School Scholarships and Grants Amendment Gambling and Education Allows proceeds from the state lottery to fund scholarships and grants for vocational-technical schools and technical institutes


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March 5:

Type Title Description


Proposition 1 Change the funding structure and name of the Mental Health Services Act and issue bonds for veteran housing and homeless projects

November 5:

Type Title Description


$18 Minimum Wage Initiative Increase minimum wage to $18 an hour


Employee Civil Action Law and PAGA Repeal Initiative Repeals the Private Attorneys General Act


Lower Supermajority Requirement to 55% for Local Special Taxes to Fund Housing and Public Infrastructure Amendment Lower the vote threshold from 66.67% to 55% for local special taxes and bond measures to fund housing projects and public infrastructure


Oil and Gas Well Regulations Referendum Repeals Senate Bill 1137, which prohibits new oil and gas wells within health protection zones


Pandemic Early Detection and Prevention Institute Initiative Increase the income tax by 0.75% for 10 years and create the California Pandemic Early Detection and Prevention Institute


Prohibit State Limitations on Local Rent Control Initiative Repeals Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act


Remove Voter Approval Requirement for Public Low-Rent Housing Projects Amendment Repeals constitutional requirement that voters approve publicly-funded housing projects at certain rent levels


Right to Marry and Repeal Proposition 8 Amendment Repeal Proposition 8 and establish a right to marry


Two-Thirds Legislative Vote and Voter Approval for New or Increased Taxes Initiative Require new state taxes to be enacted via a two-thirds legislative vote and voter approval and require new local taxes to be enacted via a two-thirds vote of the local electorate


Vote Requirements for Initiatives Requiring Supermajority Votes Amendment Require initiatives that change vote thresholds to supermajority votes to pass by the same vote requirement as is being proposed


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Type Title Subject Description
CICA Voter Approval to Retain Property Tax Revenue Initiative Taxes Requires statewide voter approval for the state to retain property tax revenue exceeding 4% growth from the previous year; provides for ballot language
LRCA Property Tax Exemption for Veterans with Individual Unemployability Status Amendment Taxes Expands the property tax exemption for veterans with a disability to veterans with individual unemployability status
LRCA Independent Judicial Discipline Adjudicative Board Amendment State judiciary Creates an independent judicial discipline adjudicative board and create rules for the judicial discipline process


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Type Name Subject Description
LRCA No-Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment Voting policy Authorizes the state legislature to provide by law for no-excuse absentee voting


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Type Title Description


Amendment 1 Changes school board elections from nonpartisan to partisan beginning in the November 2026 general election and for primary elections nominating party candidates for the 2026 election


Amendment 2 Establishes a state constitutional right to hunt and fish


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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Remove Superintendent of Public Instruction from Gubernatorial Line of Succession Amendment State executive official measures Removes the superintendent of public instruction from the gubernatorial line of succession


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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Require Citizenship to Vote in State Elections and Allow 17-Year-Olds to Vote in Primaries Amendment Suffrage States that only a citizen of the U.S., rather than every citizen of the U.S., can vote; provides that 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the general election may vote in primary elections
LRCA Gubernatorial Succession Amendment State executives Provides that the lieutenant governor assumes the office of governor for the remainder of the term— creating a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor— if the governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office


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Type Title Subject Description
LRSS State Flag Referendum Motto and symbols Replaces Maine state flag


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Type Title Description


Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment Establishes a right to reproductive freedom in the state constitution


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Type Title Description


Environment and Natural Resources Fund Amendment Extend the dedication of lottery-derived revenue to Environment and Natural Resources Fund for 25 years


See also: Missouri 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Property Tax Exemption for Childcare Establishments Amendment Allow childcare establishments to be exempt from property tax


See also: Nebraska 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Education Scholarships Tax Credit Referendum Repeal Legislative Bill 753, which enacted a tax credit for taxpayers who contribute to education scholarships


See also: Nevada 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Question 1 Remove the constitutional status of the Board of Regents—which governs, controls, and manages the state universities in Nevada—thereby allowing the state legislature to review and change the governing organization of state universities


Question 2 Revise language in the state constitution related to public entities that benefit individuals with mental illness, blindness, or deafness


Question 3 Provide for open top-five primaries and ranked-choice voting for general elections


Question 4 Repeal language from the Nevada Constitution that allows the use of slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal punishments


Question 5 Amend the Sales and Use Tax of 1955 to provide a sales tax exemption for child and adult diapers

New Hampshire

See also: New Hampshire 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Increase Mandatory Judicial Retirement Age Amendment Increase the mandatory judicial retirement age from 70 to 75

New Mexico

See also: New Mexico 2024 ballot measures
Type Name Subject Description
LRCA Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Amendment Taxes and Veterans Proportionally applies the disabled veteran property tax exemption according to a veteran's disability rating
LRCA Increase Veteran Property Tax Exemption Amendment Taxes and Veterans Increases the property tax exemption for veterans from $4,000 to $10,000, adjusted annually for inflation

New York

See also: New York 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Equal Protection of Law Amendment Constitutional rights Adds language to the constitution to prohibit the denial of rights to individuals based on ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, or reproductive status

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Constitutional Measure 1 Update language used in the state constitution to describe certain state institutions such as changing "insane" to "individuals with mental illness", "feebleminded" to "individuals with developmental disabilities", and "deaf and dumb" to "deaf and hard of hearing"


Constitutional Measure 2 Establish a single-subject rule for initiatives; increase the signature requirement for constitutional initiatives; and require constitutional initiatives to be approved at two elections


Constitutional Measure 3 Change requirements for transfers from the state legacy fund, a fund that receives 30% of tax revenue from oil and gas production


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Type Title Description


Impeachment of Elected State Executives Amendment Allow the Legislature to impeach elected state executives


Independent Public Service Compensation Commission Amendment Establish the Independent Public Service Compensation Commission to determine certain public officials' salaries


Ranked-Choice Voting for Federal and State Elections Measure Establish ranked-choice voting for federal and state offices

Rhode Island

See also: Rhode Island 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
ConCon Constitutional Convention Question Convention Asks voters whether to hold a state constitutional convention

South Dakota

See also: South Dakota 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Description


Gender-Neutral Constitutional Language Amendment Amend the constitution to change male pronouns in the Constitution to gender-neutral terms or titles


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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Elections of County Sheriffs Amendment County and municipal governance Provides for elections of county sheriffs to serve terms of four years
LRCA State School Fund Distribution Cap Increase Amendment Education and State government finance Increases the annual distributions from the State School Fund for public education from 4% to 5%
LRCA Constitutional Requirements for Education Funding Amendment Taxes and Education Removes a provision from the state constitution providing that all revenue from income taxes or taxes on intangible property be used to support children and individuals with a disability and to support public and higher education systems


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April 2:

Type Title Subject Description


Question 1 Admin of gov't and Elections Prohibits any level of government in the state from applying or accepting non-governmental funds or equipment for election administration


Question 2 Elections Provide that only election officials designated by law may administer elections

November 5:

Type Title Subject Description


Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment Suffrage States in the state Constitution that only U.S. citizens who are 18 years old or older can vote in federal, state, local, or school elections


See also: Wyoming 2024 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Property Tax on Residential Property and Owner-Occupied Primary Residences Amendment Taxes Adds residential real property as a fourth, separate, class of property and authorizes the legislature to create a subclass of residential property for owner-occupied primary residences, which could be assessed at a different rate from other property in the residential property class.

See also